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Side FXHoudini Training Programme


Side FXHoudini Training Programme

Study Houdini FX and turn your creative passion into a career!

If you want to create incredible effects for film and games, this hands-on Houdini course is for you! Guided by a professional FX artist, you’ll harness the true power of procedural, node-based workflow techniques to create destruction, explosions, and water simulations, learning how to model, texture, simulate and render cool VFX shots from scratch.

Why study Houdini FX at ADXECT?

  • Learn from FX artists who have worked on big films & games
  • Train on industry software at a Houdini certified school
  • Get the latest skills studios are hiring forEnjoy a personalized education experience like no other with unrivalled support and feedback from a mentor who is invested in your success. What a great way to start your career as an FX artist!

The Houdini FX Course is designed to get you ready to hit the ground running at your next job. It covers more complex techniques and includes an entire term dedicated to career development and portfolio preparation to get you industry-ready.

Some of the junior FX jobs you could pursue after completing the course (provided you have fully committed to your studies and built out your portfolio) include:

  • FX artist for film
  • FX artist for games