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Ziva VFX is changing the way 3D characters are brought to life for films, games, and interactive experiences. With Ziva's intuitive toolset, artists can replicate the effects of physics and simulate any soft-tissue material, including muscles, fat, and skin to create blockbuster-quality assets with ease. Ziva VFX includes an array of out-of-the-box artist/rigging tools, purpose built for creature work. All inputs are based in real-world units and accurately simulate the relationship between physics and biology. Discover everything you need to replicate living things, right out of the box. Ziva VFX tools include:

LUMION is a rendering software that has revolutionized the 3D viewing software program marketplace because of its ease of use, in addition to the velocity and high-satisfactory of its renderings. It is a software designed for architects, city planners, landscapers, engineers, draftsmen, surveyors, indoors designers, product designers and in reality, any expert with inside the layout sector