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What is ADXECT?

Adxect is Pakistan’s first ever capacity building programme of its kind. Our mentor having more than 20 years of experience, in digital production while working with 100s of international clients now moving forward to educate youth of Pakistan to learn under our capacity building programme that helps to gain enough skills to work in this fast moving world. Adxect offers a variety of courses options to help students reach their goals.

Why Adxect ``Empowering Employment``?

Everyday when we spends lot of time in different courses and learnings, it mean it will become a source of income, nowaday unfortunately learnings are lots, but outcomes are “0” In sense of earning.. So the training programmes we are offering are a serious business of earnings. So we know we are Empowering Employment and abviously you must be  source of earning as we will be also beneficiery of that effort! 

How much commission Adxect wants from a member?

Qualified member must be eligible to work with as commission based / contract base or project base.. It depends on worth of project but the cuttoff our efforts are 20% – 25% of your total earning.  Adxect’s Hiring Transparency Policity is a disclosure for those members.

Do ADXECT provide jobs?

Yes! As being an employment company, we are providing opportunities to qualified members.

Who are Qualified members?

Qualified members are those who successfully completed the training with proper assignments and practical quality work. They must be dedicated and punctual for the deliverables so we can promote them to clients and job desks.

Can I apply without any prior knowledge in computer?

No. These programmes are bit complicated and related with 3D, So the candidates must be familiar with computer basic design program and creative.

What is fee refund policy?

We are providing you the facility to join our programme and after a turn over period qualified members can refund their fees. As being an employment company we offer candidates to work with us on different projects according to their expertise. They can also be hired in contract or long term jobs.

Who is eligible for refund policy?

Qualified members are eligible for fee refund.

Why fees are high as compared to other training institutes?

Because the programmes are not ordinary. These are high end programmes and related with high earnings. The projects will be of worth from $2000-3000$ ( We are just charging the reasonable amount for sustainability of this Company.)

How ADXECT is different from other institutes?

You will always found ADXECT different than the others because our Programmes are 3d and related with Ad Agencies, Studios, and AAA Game companies and ADXECT also offers great opportunities of earnings after training.

Do ADXECT give certificates after completion of programme?

As Bieng a Professional Employment company we are giving Certification of Performance and completion.

Can under graduates apply for any programme?

If you are Under graduate, you must apply our Basics programmes so we can build your capacity to stand out you with our Terms. But only Creatives folks can apply.

Can we pay fee in installments? How?

Terms are always on Installments, So if you are joining Term wise you can pay before ( Expiry of unavailability of seat in Group Batch after time duration )

What is the Eligibility Criteria to apply a 3d program?

3D is more complicated rather than 2d programmes, There are lot of Techinal chains of software involved in single skill. So Eligibility is must ( If you are not Eligible ) Join our Basic Programme to reach out 3d World. Checkout and Fill Our Eligibility Form.

What is the Eligibility Criteria for VFX Programme?

VFX Need always Creative minds, so if you are creative you know lightings, if you love nature If you are an Artist you must apply that. must (If you are not Eligible) Join our Basic Programme to reach out 3d World.

Is Refund policy applicable in Basic Programs?

Refund policy only starts from Term 3 – 4 – 5

Can a person earn good after completing training programme?

Yes Of course! Everyone is affiliated with internet nowadays, You can find the worth of your Per Hour Rate / Monthly / Early Salary of after done the programme’s earning power.

Is ADXECT a software house?

Yes! As being a game development company, we are Interactive VR Software / Game development company.

In which programmes girls can apply?

Adxect is a challenging Environment and it’s doing hard, Game Development and 3d / VFX always hard, if you are a girl and wanna be part of 3d career, Checkout and Fill Our Eligibility Form.

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