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Ziva Dynamics Training Programme


The proprietary technology is sold as an Autodesk Maya plugin, extending Maya’s functionality to include the most comprehensive commercial toolset developed specifically to improve the character creation process. When loaded, the user is presented with additional Ziva menus in Maya that have been populated with the features needed for robust, lifelike character simulation.

In a typical workflow, the user begins by modelling the geometry of the bones, muscles, fat and skin. Then, using the new Ziva menu tools, physical properties are applied to these objects using “materials”. Materials specify the attributes of a simulation object such as its flexibility, volume conservation, and density. For active deformable objects like muscles, fiber directions and contractile forces can also be defined. These simulations are then connected with Ziva “attachments” so that they react and collide with each other in a realistic way. Essentially, users make shapes, give them anatomical properties, and then make them work together just as they would in real life. The process is intuitive and informed by true biology and physics.

Similarly, everything in the Ziva system is described geometrically. This makes it possible to deconstruct and then rebuild a simulation rig programmatically. It is recommended that artists familiarize themselves with zBuilder, Ziva’s supplementary open source character authoring python module to proceduralize the process of character creation. Once a rig’s characteristics have been captured by zBuilder, they can then be used to generate a variety of additional characters, simplifying collaboration and making it easier for an individual artist to support a large number of assets.

Ziva VFX lets you simulate the materiality of any soft-tissue, using intuitive parameters and real-world units. Everything was purpose-built for creature work.
Ziva Anatomy Transfer tools let you replicate, warp, and retarget creatures rapidly – so you can adapt and multiply your existing creatures for infinite hero-quality characters.
Character alterations can be applied retroactively at nearly anytime. Simply adapting the underlying anatomy of your characters will allow you to react faster to changes and last minute decisions.
Ziva VFX includes an array of out-of-the-box artist/rigging tools, purpose built for creature work. All inputs are based in real-world units and accurately simulate the relationship between physics and biology. Discover everything you need to replicate living things, right out of the box. Ziva VFX tools include:
All objects are computed with consideration to the embedded surface, simplifying the creation of physics-abiding tetrahedral models.
Assign infinite real-world material layers to a single object to make solid objects behave just like their real-world counterparts.
Make your characters’ muscles flex and fire automatically when muscle contraction occurs during your animation sequence
Collide objects using automatic collision detection and response with organic volume conservation.

  • Foreword 
  • Introduction 
    • Physics-Based Animation 
    • Ziva Creatures 
  • Terminology 
  • Installation and License Management 


  • Attachments 
  • Fibers 
  • Materials 
  • Rest Shapes 
  • Advanced Topics 

Built-in Demos 

  • View Demo Assets and Scripts 

Simulation Topics 

  • Physically Based Simulation 
  • Simulation Objects 
  • Attachments 
  • Collisions 
  • Integrators 
  • Real World Units 
  • Elastic Materials 
  • Volume Preservation 
  • Muscles 
  • Tetrahedral Meshes 
  • Embedding Meshes into Tissues 
  • Physical Effects 
  • Animatable Inertial Frame 
  • Isosurface Triangle Mesh Creation 
  • Thread Management 

Anatomy Transfer 

  • Warping the geometry 
  • Transferring Ziva rigs 
  • Transferring Maya skin clusters 

Maya File Referencing 

  • Limitations 

Cache Formats 

  • Maya Cached Playback 
  • Ziva Simulation Cache(zCache) 
  • Alembic Cache 
  • Comparison between Cache Formats 

Scene Panel 

  • Good Practice 
  • Performance Tuning 
  • Simulation Mesh Resolution 
  • Collision Detection 

Solver Steps 

  • Volume Preservation 
  • Inertial Damping and Volume Conservation Together 
  • Stiffness 
  • Limitations and Workarounds 
  • Menus 


  • Ziva Tools Menu 
  • Ziva Transfer Menu 



  • zAttachment 
  • zBone 
  • zBoneWarp 
  • zCache 
  • zCacheTransform 
  • zCloth 
  • zDelaunayTetMesh 
  • zEmbedder 
  • zFiber 
  • zFieldAdaptor 
  • zGeo 
  • zHarmonicWarp 
  • zIsoMesh 
  • zLineOfAction 
  • zMaterial 
  • zPolyCombine 
  • zRBFWarp 
  • zRestShape 
  • zRivetToBone 
  • zSolver 
  • zSolverTransform 
  • zTet 
  • zTissue 


  • Commands in MEL 
  • Commands in Python 


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