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Complete Programme

A building doesn’t exist in a vacuum. The setting, its environment, the subtle details — they all matter to bring your design to life. To create atmosphere. To give spaces a sense of scale and possibility.
Lumion makes it refreshingly easy to transform any CAD model into an experience you can feel. You can shape entire landscapes and add a world of context to your designs.
Make spaces feel real with fine-detailed nature, detailed skies and high-quality materials. Convey atmosphere and emotion with stunning lighting, weather and animation effects. Lumion gives you all the tools you need to bring your designs to life.

    • Starting a new project
    • Navigation + UI
    • Importing your 3D model
    • Placing objects in your scene (such as decor and lights)
    • Modifying objects
    • Create realistic materials
    • Create realistic landscapes + forest
    • Use Lumion Effects
    • Composing Interior and Exterior Renderings
    • Adding post-processing effects
    • Create realistic final renderings
    • New videos will be added
    • Importing Objects from Revit and Sketchup
    • Time and Weather Effects
    • How to Use Real 3D Sky
    • How to Assign Vegetation and Using Terrain Builder
    • Photorealistic Image Rendering
    • Photorealistic Video Rendering
    • How to Use Phasing Tool
    • Understand Import & Export Plug-In Downloads
      • Download Lumion LiveSync for Allplan
      • Download Lumion LiveSync for Autodesk FormIt
      • Download Lumion LiveSync for SketchUp
      • Download Lumion LiveSync for Revit
      • Download Lumion LiveSync for ArchiCAD
      • Download Lumion LiveSync for AutoCAD
      • Photo Matching
        It is a helpful tool when you need to quickly show your architectural design in the context of a real-life photograph.You’ll get a basic overview of what the feature is all about. The other two weeks we will focus on the basics and more in-depth uses of this tool.
      • Animated phasing effect
        You can show the process behind your design’s development or construction through the power of animation. You will understand how to apply different transitions, make parts of your building appear and disappear and highlight what makes your building creative and unique.
        In this Programme, we’ll take you through the new animated phasing feature available in Lumion 11 Pro, showing how simple it is to use while achieving spectacular results.
      • IES spotlights, volumetric fire, rain streaks and micro shadows
        From the way the light flows into a room, to the personality and atmosphere throughout a space, Lumion 11 makes it simple to express your unique vision of the project and bring it to life. The new rain streaks feature (Pro only) instantly captures the universal mood of a rainy afternoon; with volumetric fire objects (Pro only), you can create the warm and cozy mood of a welcoming fire. Custom IES spotlights let you recreate the exact lighting arrangement you need; new micro shadows for spotlights unlock a sense of depth and realism that pulls you right into the scene. In this short, two-minute video, you’ll learn more about four of the new Lumion 11 features that help breathe life into interior designs.
      • Rendering Orthographic Views feature in Lumion 11
        Lets you embed life, color and texture into all of your technical renderings. You can make exciting, lively plans, sections, elevations and isometric views in just a few clicks, and express the simple yet beautiful perspectives of your vision throughout the design process.
        In this training you will go through the new orthographic views feature, showing how to make beautiful images and animations while capturing the life within architectural design.
Commencement of this programme will be from October 2022. The seats are very limited you must be register for Shortlisting by Filling this form, We will always Prioritize your earliest submission. Good Luck!



REFUND POLICIES. We are providing you the facility to join our programme and after a turn over period qualified members can refund their fees. As being an employment company we offer candidates to work with us on different projects according to their expertise. They can also be hired in contract or long term jobs.