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The Level Design has no boundaries of creativity because it appears you how to construct custom concept maps and levels with the Unbelievable tools. Its instructional exercise arrangement will grant you prompt results through the tips and demos given by the level architects. Learn to make your own characters, Assets, and Actors as your client’s story and directions, a Stunning environment, and send out custom components from 3D modeling applications. Everything you wish to make creative levels if it is SI-Fi, City, or a Creative dream castle or construct your claimYou will understand the process of adding geometry or create dynamic volumes in the Engine, You will be able to add dirt, trees, decals, tiles, water, mountain and anything that suitable for your game script, The process will be included the third party extensions also to help out your process faster and efficient  Our Game Level DDesignTraining will be the best career for you! Innovation will offer assistance put you on the cutting-edge of gaming technology.


  • Download and Install Unreal Engine
  • Overview of Unreal Engine 4 / 5
  • Principles of Unreal Engine
  • Blocking out the geometry for creating a basic level
  • Level Scene Setup to setup character and assets
  • Understanding the Megascans Assets libraries from Quixel for UE
  • Recreate the dynamic time of day Template Level
  • Analysis of Volumetric Clouds and how to use in to your scene
  • Setting Up the Project and Unreal Editor
  • Setting Up a Gym Map and Editor Settings
  • Using Developer Materials for Level Design
  • Geometry Brushes for Blockouts
  • Using Geometry Brushes for Static Mesh Proxies


  • What is BSP and When Should You Use It?
  • What are BSP Blockouts in Unreal Engine 4?
  • In-Depth Level Creation Workflow – From BSP to Final Level/Environment
  • What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using BSP Brushes?
  • Abandoned Building and Terrain from Photo Reference
  • From Concept Art to a Vacant Interior and Rooms
  • Landscape Introduction
  • Process for Hand Sculpting Perfect Landscapes in UE4
  • Landscape Material (2 Texture Paint Layers)
  • Landscape Material Instance (Make Instant Material Changes)
  • Heightmap Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Landscape Heightmaps for UE4
  • Create Procedural Landscape Heightmaps Entirely in Photoshop for UE4
  • Secrets to Generating Real-World Heightmaps from Terrain.Party for UE4
  • Fix Landscape Texture Tiling with This UE4 Macro/Micro Variation Technique
  • Non-Destructive Landscape Layers – Sculpting
  • Non-Destructive Landscape Layers – Painting Textures
  • Non-Destructive Landscape Layers – Splines
  • Automatically Texture HUGE Landscapes with Auto-Landscape Materials
  • Auto-Landscape Material
  • Auto-Landscape Material Must Have
  • Spawning Foliage on Landscapes Using Grass Node Output


  • How Organize Your Material Editor
  • Making Water Material Without Stretching or Distortions
  • How to Create Decal Material
  • How to Insert, Apply and Use Decals Inside Your Level
  • Solution to Decals Not Rendering/Showing in Indirect Static Lighting
  • Creating Volumetric Cloud Material
  • Create materials of Glasses, Vegetation, Leather, Wood, Emissive Materials


  • Night Time Lighting – Starry Sky (Static/Baked Lighting)
  • Night Time Lighting – Moon Sky (Static/Baked Lighting)
  • Create Overcast Day Lighting with Sky Atmosphere


Unreal Engine’s high-performance physics and destruction system. With Chaos Destruction, users can achieve cinematic-quality visuals in real time in scenes with massive-scale levels of destruction and unprecedented artist control over content creation.








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