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Real-Time 3D & Virtual Production


Discover what it takes to build a believable virtual world. You’ll start by learning different methods of creating landscapes within Unreal Engine, and QuadSpinner Gaea before moving on to advanced texture blending, auto materials, and water systems. Next, you’ll look at all lighting, VFX, and the post process volume to bring your scene to life. Finally, you’ll work to set up a basic camera shot to take your scene to a final film quality render.

  • How to create landscapes using Gaea & Unreal Engine
  • Advanced texturing & lighting
  • Optimizing your scenes for render
  • Camera set-up & rendering film-quality cinematics
  • Portfolio project: A cinematic ready real-time environment scene.
  • Scene Blockout and Project Management
  • Creating a Landscape
  • Advanced Landscapes & Blending Materials
  • Lighting Systems in Unreal Engine
  • Planning & Layout
  • Foundations & Photogrammetry
  • Detailing Your World
  • Good Practices & Polishing
  • Lighting & Atmosphere
  • Adding Life, & Optimization Workflows
  • Rendering with Movie Render Queue
  • Color Grading & Delivery with Davinci Resolve


This part of the virtual production course will help you understand how to work with cameras, rigs, lights, and digital humans to create a compelling scene for your portfolio. These skills are essential not only for new content creators but also traditional filmmakers wanting to transition their existing skills to the virtual production environment.

  • How to use cameras and lighting in Unreal Engine
  • Real-time and virtual production pipelines
  • Using digital humans in your sequence
  • Converting traditional film techniques to the digital space
  • Portfolio project: A short film-quality sequence.
  • Cinema Cameras and Rigs
  • Sequencer for Linear Media
  • Exporting and Offline Pipeline
  • Audio Integration
  • Digital Humans
  • Character Setup for Virtual Production
  • Performance Capture and Linear Animation
  • Utility Blueprints for Linear Media
  • Tracked Virtual Camera Workflows
  • Physically Accurate Visualization Workflows
  • Optimization Workflow and Export Preparation
  • Post Processing and Final Shot


This final term is dedicated to getting you job-ready! With your mentor’s guidance, you’ll polish your best work for your portfolio and learn how to develop your competitive edge, market yourself, and make the best possible impression in front of employers. You’ll also receive additional 1-on-1 career support, portfolio reviews, and industry insights from Adxect Development Manager.

  • How to polish your portfolio to impress employers
  • Interview and negotiation strategies
  • Effective networking and self-promotion
  • Accessing the hidden job market
  • Career Pathways
  • Industry Overview
  • Portfolio Upgrade
  • Networking and Online Presence
  • Resume and Cover Letter
  • Job Hunting
  • Freelance Work
  • Interviews and Pitching
  • Personal Projects and Challenges
  • Working in a Studio
  • Contracts and Negotiations
  • Personal Roadblocks







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