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Nuke VFX Composition


Put the skills you gained during the Introduction to Nuke Programme to the test with more challenging projects! Begin learning Boris FX Mocha Pro to expand your compositing software skillset and move on to learning Nuke’s powerful 3D compositing toolset. Common tasks such as split-screen, screen inserts, and production removal will become second-nature to you. By the end of this term, you will have learned many necessary skills including compositing CG and live-action effects elements into live-action plates.

  • How to speed up your professional workflow
  • Clean up shots with digital painting
  • Build amazing digital set extensions
  • Add dust, smoke and texture to add realism
  • Intermediate Nuke Tools
  • Introduction to Mocha Tracking & Rotoscoping
  • Plate Stabilization & Split-Screen Shots
  • Effects & CG Scene: Part 01
  • Effects & CG Scene: Part 02
  • Screen Insert Shots
  • Prop Replacement
  • Simple Expressions & Custom Tool Creation and Utilization
  • CG Character & CG Scene: Part 01
  • CG Character & CG Scene: Part 02
  • In-studio Experience: Background Replacement
  • Advanced Vector Techniques
  • Distortions & Clean-Plating
  • In-studio Experience – Live-Action & CG Compositing Project: Part 01
  • In-studio Experience – Live-Action & CG Compositing Project: Part 02


Expand your compositing artist toolkit by learning set replacement and advanced live-action green screen compositing techniques. Discover how to set up simple expressions and gizmos. Commonly-found, yet advanced tasks and techniques such as prop replacement, vector tools, and distortions will become commonplace for you. Advanced, multi-part shots requiring all aspects of a visual effects pipeline, including live-action, CG effects, and animated CG characters will provide the skills necessary to become a well-rounded junior compositor. By the end of this term, you will have learned many cutting-edge skills while also gaining the confidence necessary to independently problem-solve within studio-level shot assignments.

  • How to insert shots into monitors and TV screens
  • De-age an actor
  • Build a scene extension
  • Create a Sci-Fi holographic display
  • Set Replacement & Independent Problem Solving: Part 01
  • Set Replacement & Independent Problem Solving: Part 02
  • Green Screens & Show Templates
  • Background Paint Shots
  • Intro to Nuke 3D: Part 01
  • Intro to Nuke 3D: Part 02
  • Production Removal
  • Practical Effects & Live Action Compositing: Part 01
  • Practical Effects & Live Action Compositing: Part 02


Develop your compositing portfolio by creating exciting, one-of-a-kind shots. Utilizing a constantly-growing library of provided background plates and industry-quality feedback at every step, you will integrate all prior-learned skills within compositing while polishing your portfolio. All custom shots are created for the sole purpose of building an exciting demo reel to get noticed by potential employers. This is your opportunity to show the world what you are capable of!

  • How to polish your portfolio to impress employers
  • Interviewing and negotiation strategies
  • Effective networking and self-promotion
  • Accessing the hidden job market
  • Career Pathways
  • Industry Overview
  • Portfolio Upgrade
  • Networking and Online Presence
  • Resume and Cover Letter
  • Job Hunting
  • Freelance Work
  • Interviews and Pitching
  • Personal Projects and Challenges
  • Working in a Studio
  • Contracts and Negotiations
  • Personal Roadblocks







REFUND POLICIES. We are providing you the facility to join our programme and after a turn over period qualified members can refund their fees. As being an employment company we offer candidates to work with us on different projects according to their expertise. They can also be hired in contract or long term jobs.

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