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Adxect is offering the complete DAZ 3D Studio, training, Daz 6 months training allows you to complete 3d solution.

Daz 3D has been a leader in the 3D digital asset industry for over 15 years. From design hobbyists to the professional market, Daz strive to create incredible, easy to design renders. Daz Studio allows to create custom scenes and characters in seconds. Bring your world to life with your own poses, rigs, and renders.

Daz 3D and Nifty Gateway – an NFT exchange platform – have partnered on the launch of Nifty Gateways’ latest feature, a wallet-to-wallet process for selling NFTs on their platform. Daz 3D’s Non-Fungible People NFT collection was selected as a launch partner to ring in this newest feature.

  • Daz 1.1: Getting Started
  • What is Daz Studio? The Free 3D Art Software from Daz 3D
  • Locating Content in Daz Studio
  • Locating Content in Daz Studio
  • Find 3D Products Easier with Daz 3D’s Smart Content
  • How to Set Up a 3D Scene for Beginners
  • How to Change Default Settings in Daz Studio
  • Hotkeys and Time-Saving Tips and Tricks in Daz Studio
  • Use Collision to Layer Clothing on 3D Models
  • How to Fix Poke-through Using Visibility
  • Parenting – an Easy Introduction to 3D Animation
  • Make a 3D Model of You with Face Transfer
  • Load ‘The Barefoot Dancer’ Interactive Lesson from Daz 3D
  • Pose, Dress and Render your Face Transfer 3D Model
  • Think Like a Storyteller
  • Environments – Think Like a Storyteller
  • Environments – Setting Up The Scene

Getting Started

  • Get an overview of Daz Studio, Installation of Daz Studio, and tips for starting to create your own 3D artwork.

Downloading Content

  • Download, locate, and install content, and get familiar with Daz Studio’s Smart Content Library.

Introducing Daz Central

  • How to Download Content for Daz Studio
  • The Daz Install Manager & Tips for Locating Content in Daz Studio
  • What are Workarounds? Your Guide to ‘Install Errors’
  • Customize Daz Studio by Mapping Custom Paths
  • Find 3D Products Easier with Daz 3D’s Smart Content
  • Daz 1.0: Downloading and Installing Daz Studio and Daz Central


  • Get an overview of how to use cameras to turn your 3D scenes into stunning renders.
  • How to setup Cameras


  • Pose and shape your 3D Models and discover pinning, partials, and the Active Pose Tool.
  • Posing basics, posing tools and using pins
  • Using partial poses and combining preset poses
  • Advanced Animation: Using nulls & “look at” functions
  • Posing, Pinning and using the Active Posing Tool
  • Advanced Shaping and deforming
  • Use puppeteer for animation between poses


  • Render faster, work with visibility and environments, and learn about Iray.
  • Getting Started – Use NVIDIA Iray to Make Great Renders
  • Prepare Your Models for Rendering with the Environment Tab
  • How to Fix Poke-through Using Visibility
  • Render Faster with NVIDIA Iray in Daz Studio


  • Learn how to Pose and Deform your characters
  • Shaping lets you morph and combine figure attributes
  • Advanced Shaping and deforming
  • Quick character setup


  • Learn how to use our Bridges so you can take your 3d Library with you, no matter where you create.
  • Daz to Maya
  • Daz to Blender
  • Daz to Cinema 4D
  • Anything you can imagine. Anywhere you can create – Introducing Daz Bridges & Native File Formats
  • Daz to Unreal


  • It’s all in the lighting! Learn how to use different lighting sources for added realism and astounding images.
  • How to add lights
  • Lights Overview


  • Explore Surfaces, Materials and Shaders, and find out how to use Bump Maps, Displacement, and Emissive Materials.
  • The “Surfaces” tool gives you skins, textures and makeup
  • The Difference between “Shaders” and “Materials
  • Uber Base Shader
  • Make anything a light source
  • Using bump and displacement maps
  • Use “cut and paste” functions for Textures in Iray


  • Learn how to easily apply Autofit to dress your characters in their favorite outfits.
  • Use Autofit on your 3D figures’ clothes to get the right fit


  • Animate with Daz Studio’s Timeline, use dForce and dForce Mesh in animation, and master PowerPose and Puppeteer.
  • Character Animation
  • Animation Pose Tool


  • Use “dForce” to make hair and clothing more natural
  • Grow hair with dforce
  • FBX Animations to work in Daz Studio for Genesis 8
  • Having problems with dForce?
  • Animation Puppeteer Tool
  • Power Pose
  • Animation Graph Editor Tool


  • Simulate hyper-realistic gravity in hair and cloth using Daz 3D’s very own dForce Technology.

Genesis 8.1

  • Introduces 63 morphs based on FACS (Facial Action Coding System) to facilitate more natural looking
  • expressions and more diversity in expressions available.
  • FACS is used by professional animators and utilized in research, such as with facial recognition.
  • This update breaks down facial expressions into individual muscle movements, resulting in more realistic facial animations and a fast path for creating custom expressions.
  • Facial control rig comes standard with Genesis 8.1.
  • Improved facial expressions make it easier to express a range of emotions.



REFUND POLICIES. We are facilitating our Members to Join the programme and able to get back the fees at the end, commited after 3 months Polished Internship! The Qualified Members can back refunds. As we are employment compnay we can adjust the candidates in Different Projects to related their experties and Hire them as Both Contract and Job terms.

The seats are very limited you must be register for Shortlisting by Filling this form, We will always Prioritize your earliest submission. Good Luck!