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Concept Art & Digital Illustration


Start your illustration and concept art for beginners course by establishing a solid understanding of color, value, and light. Then you’ll look at how physical attributes affect design choices by learning perspective drawing and anatomy. Discuss indirect versus direct design briefs, plus how to develop ideas based on the information you’re given. Apply your new skills to design a character, and learn how to professionally polish and present your work.

  • Communicating effectively through the use of line, value, and colour
  • Understanding of the principles of perspective
  • The importance of anatomy observation and practice
  • Asset production work flow to professionally polish and present your work.
  • Introduction to Line Drawing
  • Introduction to Value
  • Introduction to Color & Colorization
  • Introduction to Perspective Drawing
  • Introduction to Anatomy 01
  • Introduction to Anatomy 02
  • Ideation and Reference Gathering
  • Thumbnail Creation
  • Sketching
  • Clean Line, Value Mapping & Render
  • Colorization
  • Polishing


The second term of the concept art course begins with lessons on how light and color affect mood, before moving on to the creation of stylized materials and textures. You’ll find out how to develop an artistic style, and apply life drawing and dynamic posing techniques to create and present appealing art.

  • Define, develop and apply artistic styles
  • Create stylized digital materials
  • Add depth and range to your artwork
  • Increase speed using expert sketching and rendering techniques
  • Light Theory 01
  • Light Theory 02
  • Material Render – Wedges
  • Material Render – Asset Application
  • Iterative Design – Sketching
  • Iterative Design – Rendering
  • Life Drawing Techniques
  • Life Drawing Application
  • Dynamic Posing 1 – Gesture and Line of Action
  • Dynamic Posing 2 – Cinematic posing
  • Style 01 – Developing Style
  • Style 02 – Render Aesthetic


Learn the fundamentals of environment and set design by starting with perspective drawing: the key to creating solid concept art. Discover how to visualize environments by building matte paintings from scratch using photo-bashing techniques plus the paint-over method to acquire lighting and perspective information from pre-rendered assets.

  • Turn your ideas into compelling concept art
  • Design environments and sets for movies and games
  • Speed up your workflow with efficient compositing techniques
  • Frame and stage your shots to tell a story
  • Environment Design – Client Brief
  • Environment Design – Client Brief
  • Set Design 01: Design and Render
  • Set Design 02: Color
  • Game Level 01: Concept Design
  • Game Level 02: Call Out
  • Basic Composition 1 – Line and Shapes
  • Basic Composition 2 – Light and Value
  • Advanced Composition 01: Armatures
  • Advanced Composition 02: Focal Points
  • Framing 01: Shot Types
  • Framing 02: Staging







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