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Advanced 3D Animations


Learn how to get two characters interacting in a fun and realistic way. Discover how to analyze dialogue, shoot reference video and set up scenes using professional workflows. Watch your animation come alive as you apply your new knowledge of shot composition, cinematography, layering, acting beats and body mechanics to your scene.

  • How to animate a two-person dialogue shot
  • Use editorial tricks to develop story
  • Work with timing and spacing to enhance story
  • Focus on detail to polish your work
  • Advanced Character Acting Overview
  • Comedy Scene 01: Planning & Keys
  • Comedy Scene 02: Breakdowns
  • Comedy Scene 03: In-betweens
  • Action Scene 01: Setup & Keying
  • Action Scene 02: Breakdowns
  • Action Scene 03: Polish Pass
  • Multi-character Scene 01: Setup & Keying
  • Multi-character Scene 02: Breakdowns
  • Multi-character Scene 03: Overlap & Follow-through
  • Multi-character Scene 04: Polish Pass
  • Character Acting: Review & Final Pass


Expand your versatility as an artist with creature animation. From quadruped walks, runs and jumps, to animating winged creatures, you’ll gain a solid understanding of creature animation, and have a great time breathing life into your creatures.

  • How to animate 4-legged creatures
  • Create believable movement
  • Source the best reference
  • Polish your portfolio piece
  • Quadruped Walk – Research
  • Quadruped Walk – In-betweens and Splining
  • Quadruped Walk – Polishing
  • Quadruped Run – Research and Reference
  • Quadruped Run – In-betweens and Splining
  • Dragon Flight Part 01: The Rig
  • Dragon Flight Part 02: Keys and Breakdowns
  • Dragon Flight Part 03: Polish Pass
  • Creature Confrontation Part 01: Introduction and Keys
  • Creature Confrontation Part 02: Keys and Breakdowns
  • Creature Confrontation Part 03: Polish Pass and Conclusion
  • Creature Animation: Final Thoughts


This final term is dedicated to getting you job-ready! With your mentor’s guidance, you’ll polish your best pieces for your portfolio and learn how to develop your competitive edge, market yourself, and make the best possible impression in front of employers.

  • How to polish your portfolio to impress employers
  • Interview and negotiation strategies
  • Effective networking and self-promotion
  • Accessing the hidden job market
  • Career Pathways
  • Industry Overview
  • Portfolio Upgrade
  • Networking and Online Presence
  • Resume and Cover Letter
  • Job Hunting
  • Freelance Work
  • Interviews and Pitching
  • Personal Projects and Challenges
  • Working in a Studio
  • Contracts and Negotiations
  • Personal Roadblocks







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