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Advanced 2D Animations


Building on the 2D animation essentials gained in the 2D Animation Proogramme, you’ll add cutout animation to your skillset, learning techniques using Toon Boom Harmony’s peg and node animation system, then moving onto complex physical animations, rigging and animating bipeds and quadrupeds. With your mentor’s guidance, you’ll analyze strong cutout scenes and apply lessons to your own work.
By the end of this term, you will have strong understanding of advanced cutout style animation techniques, and confidence in rigging and animating characters and creatures.

  • Create cutout style animation
  • Rig and animate bipeds & quadrupeds
  • Use advanced Toon Boom tools
  • Master poses, timing & spacing
  • Cutout Animation History and Analysis
  • Rigging a Bouncing Ball with the Harmony Peg and Node System
  • Rigging an Arm for a Finger Point Animation
  • Finger Point Animation
  • Biped Rigging: Creating the Character Component Drawings
  • Biped Rigging: Peg Hierarchy and Deformers
  • Biped Rigging: Apply the Node Effects and Template the Rig
  • Walk with a Rigged Biped Character
  • Character Prop Pickup: Two Approaches
  • Run and Jump with the Rigged Biped Character: Key Poses
  • Run and Jump with the Rigged Biped Character: Breakdown Poses and Spacing
  • Cutout Animation Work Week


Push your skills further than you thought possible in term 2. You’ll jump into a variety of projects including single and two-character dialogue acting scenes using the cutout animation technique. You’ll be introduced to Harmony’s FX and compositing tools, and use them to add these elements to your dialogue scenes.
By the end of this term, you will have a better understanding of how, when and why you should add FX to your animations, and have hands-on practice using Harmony’s compositing and FX tools.

  • Apply advanced movement techniques
  • Maximize Harmony compositing and FX tools
  • Use acting for feature/episodic animation
  • Add FX to enhance your animations
  • Quadruped Rigging 01: Create Character Component Drawing Elements
  • Quadruped Rigging 02: Peg Hierarchy, Effects Node Structure, and Deformers
  • Quadruped Walk to Run 01: Key Poses
  • Quadruped Walk to Run 02: Breakdown Poses
  • Biped Walk to Sit 01: Key Blocking Poses
  • Biped Walk to Sit 02: Breakdowns and Spacing
  • Single Character Dialogue Animation 01: Planning, Setting Key Poses
  • Single Character Dialogue Animation 02: Breakdowns
  • Two-Character Dialog Animation 01: Thumbnail Planning and Reference
  • Two-Character Dialog Animation 02: Storytelling and Key Extreme Poses
  • Two-Character Dialog Animation 03: Breakdowns, Spacing and Mouth Shapes
  • Finalizing the Two-Character Dialog Scene: Camera and Compositing


This final term is about getting you job-ready! Using the technique of your choice (tradigital, cutout, or both), you will be mentored in the planning and production of a short animation demo reel, which includes design and animation of multiple characters, creation of background elements, and addition of camera movement, FX, and compositing.
Students in this course receive additional 1-on-1 career support, portfolio reviews, and industry insights from Adxect Career Development Manager.

  • Polish your portfolio to impress employers
  • Be more confident with negotiation
  • Network & self-promote effectively
  • Tap into the hidden job market
  • Career Pathways
  • Industry Overview
  • Portfolio Upgrade
  • Networking and Online Presence
  • Resume and Cover Letter
  • Job Hunting
  • Freelance Work
  • Interviews and Pitching
  • Personal Projects and Challenges
  • Working in a Studio
  • Contracts and Negotiations
  • Personal Roadblocks







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