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3D Animations


Starting with 3D animation basics, you’ll dive head-first into industry software Maya and discover how to create believable animation using the classic principles of animation. As you learn the theories, you’ll put them into practice, giving you a better understanding of body mechanics and locomotion.

  • Animate from scratch using the 12 principles of animation
  • Set up professional workflows using Autodesk Maya
  • Create progressively more complex animation pieces
  • Work with character rigs to create animation cycles
  • Introduction to Animation and Rigs
  • Posing a Character
  • Timing and Spacing
  • Overlapping Action
  • Pose Transitions 01
  • Pose Transitions 02
  • Lower Body Walk Cycle 01
  • Lower Body Run Cycle 02
  • Full Body Walk Cycle 01
  • Full Body Run Cycle 02
  • Walk with Prop 01
  • Walk with Prop 02


Let’s get physical! Learn 3D animation tips and tricks from your mentor while building on your foundation skills. Find out how to get characters interacting with their surrounding environment, and see how they deal with physical forces. Finish the term by learning how to design combat animations for games.

  • Convey realistic force & weight
  • Animate combat action scenes
  • Create animation cycles for video games
  • Build a believable fight scene
  • Run and Jump Blocking
  • Run and Jump Polish
  • Parkour Blocking
  • Parkour Polish
  • Forces & Weight Blocking
  • Forces & Weight Polish
  • Weight Lift Blocking
  • Weight Lift Polish
  • Combat Actions Blocking
  • Combat Actions Polish
  • Fight Scene Blocking
  • Fight Scene Polish


Master the subtleties of adding personality to a character walk. Then develop a backstory for your character and have a go at conveying emotions using body language by creating a pantomime piece. You’ll finish with a character dialogue piece complete with lip sync, facial and body expressions – and have a polished piece for your demo reel.

  • Gather and analyze reference
  • Create unique character performances
  • Stage and animate emotional action
  • Convey realistic expressions
  • Introduction & Overview
  • Personality Walk 01: Keying
  • Personality Walk 02: Breakdowns & Cycles
  • Personality Walk 03: Polish &
  • Progressive Walk
  • Pantomime 01: Setup & Keying
  • Pantomime 02: Breakdowns
  • Pantomime 03: Polish Pass
  • Drama Monologue 01: Setup & Keying
  • Drama Monologue 02: Keys & Breakdowns
  • Drama Monologue 03: Overlap & Follow-through
  • Drama Monologue 04: Polish Pass
  • Character Acting: Review & Final Pass







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