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LUMION Training Programme

LUMION Training Programme


LUMION is a rendering software that has revolutionized the 3D viewing software program marketplace because of its ease of use, in addition to the velocity and high-satisfactory of its renderings. It is a software designed for architects, city planners, landscapers, engineers, draftsmen, surveyors, indoors designers, product designers and in reality, any expert withinside the layout sector.
It stands out, in contrast to different rendering applications for its intuitive interface and for the truth that it plays a preview of the render in actual time, which lets in operating with a deep information of the way my adjustments have an effect on the version the instant they may be applied.


  • The Depth of Photo realistic architectural rendering
  • beautiful exterior and interior renderings to use for your portfolio
  • You can choose the way forward for Urbanizations

LUMION 11 Programme we will start from an initial level to complete finishing the direction by studying the system to an expert level. We will research all of the equipment of LUMION eleven such as: libraries, materials, landscape, weather, animations, sunlight, fx effects, animated phasing, post-manufacturing and much greater. It is a completely whole programme where in concept and exercise cross hand in hand through numerous exercises so one can boom in complexity as greater information is acquired. It is designed to build professional individuals so one can permit us to stand any task successfully, regardless of how complicated it can be.

ADXECT’s manner of coaching includes first explaining the concept of the tools, in order that later the members can repeat the equal steps which are proven withinside the lectures and may be capable of grasp this system. Likewise, exercises are proposed on the give up of every module and a very last exercising to definitively understand to apply this system correctly.

If you don’t have knowledge join our Basic programme.
Basic 3D knowledge.
Experience with basic 3d Architecture Tools, like SketchUp or 3D Home Designer Pro.
NOTE: Commencement of this Programme is from October 2022 – Interested Candidates can checkout the detail of programme and apply through the button below.