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Cartoon Animation Training


Cartoon Animation Training

Comprehensive career training to get you job-ready

This advanced 2D animation Programme prepares you for an exciting career in 2D animation. You’ll learn from industry experts who have worked at top studios, gain valuable industry insights, build critical job skills, and develop a polished portfolio to show employers.

After you have covered basics of animation, Now it’s the time to step high! Focusing on cut-out style character animation, your mentor will guide you through fun and challenging exercises,¬†share both modern and traditional animation techniques, and¬†offer insightful feedback to help you progress faster as an artist.

Why study 2D animation at Adxect?

  • Learn advanced skills studios are hiring for
  • Become proficient in industry software Toon Boom Harmony
  • Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premier, Adobe Animae and Other 3rd party solutions
  • Advance Learning on (Realillusion’s ) Character Animation 4 Pro.
Career Opportunities

On completion of the Advanced 2D Animation Training you will have greater confidence in your abilities and a portfolio to show employers.

You will also have personalized career services with our Career Development Manager which can help when applying for junior 2D animator jobs such as:

  • 2d Multimedia Animator
  • Non-Linear Editor (Broadcasting)
  • Video Editor
  • Ad Video Animtors
  • Interviews and Pitching
  • Personal Projects and Freelancer

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