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Nuke Compositing Training


Nuke Compositing Training

Nuke is the powerful node-based compositing tool at the heart of the Nuke family. Whether your focus is on blockbusters, animation or binge-worthy episodic content, Nuke’s flexible and robust toolset empowers teams to create pixel-perfect content every time.


World’s Artists can quickly place 2D and 3D elements using Nuke’s integrated 3D environment. This workspace allows complex projection workflows using custom geometry to be set up and rendered with ease.

What you’ll learn

Deep Compositing is one of the most powerful workflows in NUKE, and most of the big studios are using deep passes. If you don’t use the proper techniques, comping deep passes can be very difficult and frustrating. In this course, NUKE’s Deep Compositing Project Workflow, you will learn how to optimize your deep workflow and how to take advantage of the deep pass to boost your creativity. Some of the key takeaways of this course include: how to optimize deep passes, how to integrate 2D stock footage with other deep elements and how to add 3D elements and particles directly in NUKE which will interact with deep passes. At the end of this course, you’ll have achieved a fantastic shot. You will have learned great deep techniques you can confidently use on your own projects and most importantly, you’ll be confident enough to incorporate these deep compositing techniques in your own work. Software required: NUKE.

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