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Basics of Real-time 3D & Virtual Production


Basics of Real-time 3D & Virtual Production

Create a film quality cinematic shot using the Unreal Engine

Start your journey towards becoming a real-time 3D technical artist with Adxect’s new virtual production course. Learn to create film quality environments, using world building, lighting and camera techniques, and see how to apply these skills in the real world for job roles on a stage volume.

Gain speed and confidence with Unreal Engine, learn cutting edge real-time 3d and virtual production techniques, and create a high-quality scene for your professional portfolio to show prospective employers.

Why study virtual production at Adxect?

  • First time in Pakistan
  • Mentorship from industry pros
  • Job-focused career training and 100% online
Career Opportunities:

This course is designed to prepare you for a career as a real-time technical artist, and for job roles on a stage volume. The program includes an entire term dedicated to career development and portfolio preparation to get you job-ready.

Skilled real-time artists are in demand across the film and game industries and beyond. Read more about the role of a real-time 3D technical artist and how real-time workflows are being adopted by a wide range of industries.

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